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SRi founded in Marseille, France, in 1978 has a decades long history of serving the oil and gas, power, refining, chemical and, metals and mining industries. SRi started in France by supplying and servicing local refineries.

In 1990 SRi decided to expand into the Machining of trunnion and floating ball isolation valves to its own proprietary custom design. These designs are based on its experience in servicing the oil and gas, and refining industries.

SRi broadened its product line of isolation valves by purchasing VANNES RIGAU in 2005. SRi now has a full line of isolation valves: gate, globe, check and ball.
Over 80% of SRi’s sales are now exported to markets outside of France primarily to companies in Europe, Africa and Asia.

SRi is a qualified supplier for worldwide and national companies including end-users and EPC contractors.
The high demand for SRi’s quality valves both custom designed and standard has caused SRi to increase its capacity by building a new facility in its headquarters city of Marseille, France.

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